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How do I apply?

You found an interesting vacancy on our website or you just want to apply speculatively? Then we look forward to get your application - best way is by e-mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We're here for you!

E-Mail to

What kind of information do we need?

In order to keep the application process as simple as possible for you and us, we look forward to get these documents from you - please send us your documents as a single PDF:

 Cover letter (date and salary)
 Testimonials / references
 Curriculum vitae (tabular)

You are invited?

In order to find the quickest and shortest way to us, please see the directions here. And if you get here by train, you will be able to see our building from the trainstation - it's easy to get here and we are looking forward to meet you. 
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