Why us?

This question arises not only for those who are looking for a new employer. It's also us who wonder why we are good at what we do. And how we manage not to lose the fun at work. Our answers are comprehensive – but by no means unchangeable. We are continually working on our offers and are grateful for tips and new ideas!

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Exciting projects

Online the competition is only a click away. This makes it even more important to inspire our customers with exciting online appearances. Not only design, products and service - but also usability and speed are key aspects. Our customer projects get supported by around 100 employees, which contribute to the whole project by operating in verious business areas. 


Working in itself is already complicated enough - why should one make it harder than absolutely necessary! We support our colleagues with everything that makes life easier and allows working from various places. Mobility is a big issue in our customer projects and we try to meet your wishes.

Cooperation between colleagues

We build upon flat hierarchies, transparency and clear communication. It's the fun about what we are doing and the uncomplicated way of dealing with each other which is important to us. We like to celebrate together and belive in a relaxed working atmosphere to achieve best results – especially when it comes to finding creative solutions. 

Always well supplied

Food is important and is sponsored in various forms in our company. We like to eat together – weather to welcome new employees, with colleagues in the cafeteria or for celebrating a sucessful completion of a project. There are always enough occasions! Also we never run out of coffee and some sweets. 

Individual support

In order to meet as many requirements as possible, we build upon our colleagues! We support the personnel development of technical, professional and personal training with our career model. Wheter visiting courses, conferences or learning within the internal knowledge exchange – everyone has a defined contingent of days of training per year. 


We know that our requirements are high and that our expectations during peak times are challenging. That is why we offer different working time models to enable our colleagues to handle their work life flexible. Flexibility is not only important during everydays work, but also dertermines how we deal with holidays and home office days. 

Health Management

Health is key – not only for your work life! And often you realise this when it's almost too late. Therefore we strive to create a health-supporting environment for our colleagues. We ensure adequate movement and the correct posture in the working place, take care of a healthy diet and organise info events on diverse topics. 
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