Health Management

Health is key – not only for your work life! And often you realise this when it's almost too late. Therefore we strive to create a health-supporting environment for our colleagues. 

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You want to stay healthy?

We ensure adequate movement and the correct posture in the working place, take care of a healthy diet and organise info events on diverse topics. 

Actions for health

You want to know how healthy your back is? Or if you eat properly? For those and other questions, there are health days on a regular basis, which give you personal suggestions and professional advice.

Back training

We want more strength for our backs! That's why we hired a trainer, which regularly performs a back workout with our employees and gives advices how to strengthen the back muscles. 

Soccer team

This is for all of those who want to let off steam not only at the soccer table. During winter inside, during summer outside – but please play fair! 
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