Always well supplied

Food is important and is sponsored in various forms in our company. We like to eat together – weather to welcome new employees, with colleagues in the cafeteria or for celebrating a sucessful completion of a project. 

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You like to eat together with your colleagues? 

There are always enough occasions! Also we never run out of coffee and some sweets. 


There is a restaurant in our office building – a gurantee for a stress-free lunch with the colleagues. They offer everything from oriental specialities to german home-made food. Also there is no need for the stop at the bakery in the morning anymore – they offer freshly made sandwiches every morning from 8 a.m. 

Food allowence 

Would you prefer to have the breakfast sandwich or the lunch sponsored? Or rather the ice cream as a treat in the afternoon? Whatever you choose, pirobase imperia sponsors a part of the daily diet thanks to flexible usable food vouchers.

Free drinks

There is no way of working without a cup of coffee in the morning and drinking a lot is healthy. That's why pirobase imperia takes care of the supply of liquid caffeine and cooled mineral water.  

Fresh fruits and vegetables

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Deshalb gib es bei uns Obst- und Gemüsekörbe in jeder Küche.
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