Individual support

We are clearly building our colleagues! With our career model and the personnel development, we promote technical, professional and personal training.


Would you like to be promoted individually?

Whether in training courses, conferences or within the framework of internal transfer of knowledge - we clearly point to the opportunities for further training of our employees.

further education

The development of our employees is important to us. We promote and promote the internal transfer of knowledge and offer individual trainings and trainings.

Career model

Our career model shows various career and career levels that can be reached with us. One-time developer is not always a developer. Perhaps better off in the customer advice? Or rather part of the product management? We try to create permeability and transparency and to promote personal development.


By coaching, we understand the permanent or temporary consultation of employees. This task can be performed by external as well as by colleagues and aims at developing and implementing personal and / or professional goals.
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