We support our colleagues with everything that makes life easier and allows working from various places. 

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Want to stay mobile?

Mobility is a major issue in our customer projects and we try to meet our customers wishes as well as our employees ones. 

Job-Ticket (train ticket)

The Job-Ticket is a ticket for commuters traveling by public transport! Valid for the entire VRS area and significant cheaper as the conventional public tranpsort subscription. It is easily expandable for colleagues who have to travel a long way and even valid in the evenings and for two persons at the weekend. 

Close to town

Altough we are not located right in the city centre of cologne – we are still very close. From some of the offices you can even spot the Cologne Cathedral. 

Great connection

Our building is located next to a train station. It's only three stops to get to the cologne main station and only one to the airport. You can be on the highway towards Cologne or Bonn in just three minutes and with a little local knowledge you can be at the Rhine in only five minutes. 
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