We know that our requirements are high and that we expect a lot from our employees in peak times.


You want to work flexibly?

That is why we try to make our working lives more flexible as far as possible. Flexibility is important not only during the daily work, but also determines our dealings with, for example, holidays and home offices.


With us it goes! Although not always, but in principle, we offer home office options, so that our employees can sometimes even be disturbed in their own four walls at new challenges.

Flexible working hours

Flexitime is an integral part of our corporate culture. Around a few hours of core work time, we design work times and leave times flexibly in our teams so that most needs can be taken into account

Part-time models

Childcare, caring for relatives or just want to switch back a little - the reasons for the desire for part-time employment are manifold. Just like our possibilities

Accompanying studies

Anyone who wants to link the theory and the practice can study with us. We support this commitment with flexible working hours and part-time models.


Our goal is to have healthy and motivated colleagues - a short holiday sometimes is not enough. This is why we have models that allow us to take a break even for a longer period of time.
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