Scenario: Industry


Scenarios of the INDUSTRY Sector

Addressing customers, presenting products, offering services, creating customer loyalty. These are the goals which most industrial companies associate with their Internet website. Your intranet can also be a rapid communication channel that also helps you implement and streamline processes. You can do it with our content management system imperia CMS. Easily. Quickly. Better.
Do you want to address your customers directly? Do you want to inform them about products? Do you want to offer them downloads and services? Do you want to bind your customers with an attractive Internet website? Why not do it - it's easy with imperia.
Intensifying business relations using your Internet website? It's possible. Easily and quickly provide your partners with all the relevant information and allow them to process orders and to communicate with your online.
Information in place and in time. For your employees, this is the most important foundation for efficient work. You can effect perfect data transfers and well-defined processes via an intranet by using imperia. Make use of the potential of your staff.

The imperia content management system was easily handled by the editors from the first day onwards and required no time-consuming and expensive training. A site update is possible without the editor having any HTML knowledge.

Christoph Arn, Head of eBusiness, Valora Group