imperia CMS for TV and Radio

Relevance, content syndication, teaser management, merchandising, multimedia, Web 2.0: These are all features which a modern content management system must offer a TV and radio channel. It is not just a matter of information and entertainment, but also of advertising and selling. Our content management system imperia CMS helps you achieve your communication and corporate goals. Easily. Quickly. Better.
Messages, news, reports, new formats and services can be uploaded quickly and easily.
Content syndication
Produced once and used many times. With imperia you can reutilise the content you have produced in a variety of channels.
Be flexible when linking your formats to additional information and merchandising. A wonderful service for your viewers and listeners and a factor for the economic success of your company.
Teaser management
You will update your content only once. Thanks to imperia's teaser management, overviews of the various topics will be automatically compiled and positioned.
Producers of TV or radio programmes also want their websites to offer a lot. Incorporate videos or live streams and make podcasts and a multimedia archive available. It's child's play when using imperia's media asset management.
WEB 2.0 | Social Media
Allow your viewers and listeners actively to participate in designing your Internet website. Votes, ratings, rankings, blogs - implementation of all of these is child's play with imperia.

Our articles posted online are of a significantly higher quality these days. It is difficult to get it wrong with imperia.

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