Content Management for Publishers

For a publishing company, an attractive website is the perfect addition to their print portfolio. Topicality is just as important in this respect as Web 2.0, social media, the advertising industry, content syndication, the community and customer loyalty. Open up many new publication channels with imperia. Easily. More quickly. Better.
A website offers you the option of selling online advertising space. With imperia you can take the opportunity to generate additional turnover with banners, banderoles and advertisements on your websites.
Supplement the deficiencies of your printed product with a website that you update at regular intervals. Messages, news, merchandising - uploaded quickly and easily.
Content syndication
Written once, used many times. With imperia you can recompile articles and incorporate them into a variety of communication channels. This increases efficiency.
WEB 2.0 | Social Media
Actively involve your readers via your Internet website. Votes, ratings, rankings, blogs - all these are easy to implement with imperia.

Our articles posted online are of a significantly higher quality these days. It is difficult to get it wrong with imperia.

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