Content Management for countries

Administration of large data volumes, flexible presentation of the widest variety of services, easy operation, stability, compatibility with the Internet and intranet: State requirements for content management systems are strict. Our content management solution imperia CMS offers you every possibility. Easily. Quickly. Better.
A central solution for a decentralised organisations
State ministries, authorities, courts: Every state institution is different and requires its own Internet website. If all these websites are based on a central system, they are far easier to update and data transfer is facilitated. The imperia multi-client platform will give each institution its own website in a flash.
Citizens and companies need a lot of information. The reference data for tenders, opening times, forms, changes to legislation and much more.. Make the information available online. This is done quickly and easily, takes the pressure off your administrative resources and saves money.
Efficiency requires having all the relevant data at your fingertips. It is therefore important to make data available in a centralised and structured way. With imperia you will ensure that information is always in the right place at the right time.
You specify the process and imperia will adapt to it. When it comes to new processes, imperia will help you set up, implement and adhere to them.

The financial and time savings made by the customers and the BIT are of crucial importance. Thus these standard clients can result in average cost savings amounting to at least 20 percent.

Jean-Claude Krüttli, Project Manager at the Swiss Federal IT and Telecommunications Office