pirobase as SaaS solution


Secure and high-performance - still flexible

Our pirobase Software as a Service (SaaS) model guarantees you the highest level of security and performance. Reduce your acquisition and operating costs while we handle all administration and services such as maintenance and updates. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure – including all administrative tasks – you can concentrate on your core business. And you also benefit from economic advantages. Not only are your IT costs reduced, but more importantly, they become more flexible, making them easier to plan and control. Project components (templates, interfaces, applications) can be individually implemented on the system.

The cloud-model can be provided by our sister company, Pironet NDH Datacenter GmbH, as a one-stop service, thereby offering our clients top quality with optimal response times. Our range of services, IT infrastructure and the internal organisation of the computer centre have been certified according to strict, internationally recognised standards, including DIN ISO/IEC 27001. The security of our software is regularly checked against recognised standards by external service providers. Our support processes are closely coordinated with those offered by Datacenter. A single contact person guarantees the efficiency of these processes. To our customers, certification means operational excellence in all processes and complying with the highest possible standards regarding information and security.

Scalling and Collaboration

Linear scaling
pirobase guarantees continuous performance – even under high load caused by unexpectedly high access volumes. The load test carried out at the IBM Innovation Center is proof of this fact. The system therefore offers unlimited possibilities to companies with a large number of employees handling large volumes of information, enabling them to meet increasing demands. This is useful for planning when it comes to further extensions. You can also be certain that the system will always rapidly and directly respond to user actions.
pirobase makes collaboration in publishing possible, integrating many spheres of responsibility such as internal and external authors, editors, proofreaders and translators. All parties involved in the process can work in pirobase Enterprise SaaS – from the compilation to the publication stage – without a media transfer. Current pirobase developments offer additional, improved functions for author collaboration.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

  • The solution is ready for use significantly more quickly than any individually adapted software running on your own computers.

  • Your investment costs are lower, as you no longer need to buy additional hardware. You only need one browser.

  • Project implementation can be done much speedier, as no software installation is required.

  • Centralised data backup saves resources such as hardware and IT administration.

  • pirobase Enterprise SaaS is continuously updated through us.

  • More rapid integration of foreign sites as a result of centralised administration. Controlling several sites is much easier, as all data are centrally stored from the start. There is no need to transfer and consolidate data, as would be the case with decentralised IT systems.

  • You are provided with a pragmatic, site-independent solution. All users are part of a network and can work together without requiring any on-site installations for this purpose.

  • Field workers and home office workers can be optimally integrated into all processes and can access the centralised software via the Internet or by Smartphone.

  • Highest security standards by us as a German company. We exclusively host in our own data center in Germany and adhere consequently to first-class German data protection and security standards.

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