Citizens' service with imperia

Since introducing the EU service directive, the authorities of the various districts, cities and states must present all their services on the Internet. This should take place as quickly and with as few complications as possible. Due to the large number of participants at all levels and the high bandwidth of information, the overall coordination is a very complex task that involves many process steps and is therefore extremely prone to errors. imperia will eliminate these sources of errors from the very beginning. Easily. Quickly. Better.

Brief and to the point!

Do you want to present your services in a down-to-earth, comprehensible way? The imperia Service Portal makes it possible: easy as child's play, safe and quick. Reduces costs and increases efficiency.
Easy to publish
Automated import and processing of official data via an import interface.
Well structured
Automatic allocation of information to the required structures such as situational navigation, navigation via office structures or offices from A to Z.
Easily accessible
Standardised interfaces for communication with country portals and integration into call centres.
Easy to maintain
On the imperia interface, data input takes place via four possible template variants.
Output ready for client use
Central input of content into an administration interface and subsequent allocation to one or any number of targets.
Transparent and cost-efficient

A clear reduction of internal process costs, increased information transparency.
Administration is child's play
Editing the created documents via an administration interface, followed by data output in alphabetical lists or lists sorted by organisational unit. The access rights are allocated by a role system.
Benefits at a glance
  • D115 link

  • TSA certification

  • Process orientied

  • Reliable and secure

  • Reduction of internal process costs

  • Increased information transparency


Apart from the Service Portal, we also offer the TSA connector as an optional module. It offers the option of exchanging information from the Service Portal with the citizens' information systems and reference finders of Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Hessen, Rhineland Palatinate and Schleswig-Holstein via a certified interface. Data input and updating have been decentralised by imperia via its web service. Data can be used via an interface framework. By having the various countries update information provided by a uniform, centralised editorial office, all the authorities will get the same information updates from a central point. The datause is possible over an interface framework. All authorities get the same updated Information of the central concerns, by maintaining a standardised central editor office by the countries. 


With imperia we have chosen its high ease of use it adapts flexibly to our requirements and thus offers the possibility to inform the citizens of our city reliably and swiftly about recent developments and new services.

Oliver Schmidt, chief editor Internet, city of Wolfsburg - communications