Usability for editors


Ingenious, limitless, intuitive.

We believe that the world of enterprise content management is on the verge of change. It will move away from complex platforms towards more convenient, intuitive tools that allow authors to work quickly and in a less complicated fashion. This is why we have taken a new approach and have addressed these changes when we developed our latest major release. We are of the firm opinion that your authors need to have time for their creative work. And that you need to be able to reach your target groups with relevant content through as many channels as possible – via websites, apps, Facebook etc.

We want you to be able to serve these channels using one single system. Using pirobase CMS 8. This is why we have created a well thought out editorial interface from scratch, giving authors a tool which works the way they work. How will you benefit from this? You'll become quicker and more productive. Because you will be giving your authors a tool that is easy to use while at the same time meeting all of your technical requirements.

The features at a glance

User-friendly and well-structured

The editorial environment 

We have given our editorial user interface a major facelift. And completely restyled it in the process, making it more user-friendly, modern and well-structured. All elements can be found at one central location and are highlighted by a coloured guidance system. This makes your work faster, more intuitive and, quite simply, a whole lot better. Also all true for occasional users.
Everything in one place

The library 

Centred in one place, the new library provides you with all the content templates, documents and images you need to create and design your websites. All types of content can easily be moved to the site using Drag & Drop. You can also use the library to access content from external systems.
Everything, everywhere

Drag & Drop 

More consequently than ever editors are no longer blocked by technique. Uploading files from desktop or library? Drag & Drop. Integrating images into a pres release? Drag & Drop. Shifting text elements within your page? Drag & Drop.
Wherever you need it.

The search 

We have integrated the search function for authors directly in the new interface. This way you can quickly find all the images, documents and content templates you need for your website. Save the searches you regularly make as a search profile in the library.
Innovative and clearly laid out

The multi-coloured guiding system

Our new guidance systems colour codes the various content types and marks them with dedicated symbols. This helps you identify text elements, images or multimedia files which you can then move from the library to where you would like them to be in the site. Mouseover the symbols to display additional information on file size, date amended or zoom views of image files. You will always find the right content.