QR Code Generator

A QR Code (QR = Quick Response) is a two dimensional Code for storage and output of Information. 

QR Codes are easy to generate, create curiosity of customers and pedestrians and are cost-effectively to apply in various places. For example in newspapers, on posters, shirts, packaging, on walls or on bus stops and train stations. 

Static objects gain a dynamic component and playful element by adding a QR code. Instead of typing in long web adresses, you simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera, which analyses and decodes it. Directly after scaning it you will directed to the website with the information of the QR Code. With the help of Tracking Tools you can then determine if a kampaign was sucessfull. 


Created simple and fast 

With imperia you can create and place QR codes easily and fast. Simply create your QR code in a template or in the Media Asset Management (MAM). The creation in the MAM happens, as always, secured by workflows. Ater creating a QR code, it will be provided in the corresponding Section as an Asset and can be implemented iat any location.

Alternatively you can implement QR codes directly into templates. The editor simply has to fill in the relevant Meta Data and the QR code will be automaticly generated when the Document is completed. External codes – out of the MAM or other sources – simply can be integreated or linked afterwards. 

If Generated in the MAM or embedded directly into the template – Template programmer and edtors have the opportunities to change further parameters like size, resolution or color of the QR code according to individual requirements. 
Uncomplicated access to digital Content – no time wasting typing of URLs 
Control/Tracking of advertising campaigns
Promotionally effective
Easy placement opportunities in advertising and print media. 
Connect the Code with further functions like Google Maps, payment function or location based services 
Simple and intuitive creation and placement directly in the CMS