Video Management


Integrating videos first-class and process-oriented

The MovingIMAGE24 VideoManager incorporates high-quality, process-orientated video management into pirobase CMS. The VideoManager provides optimal management and presentation of videos. The solution broadcasts videos worldwide at the highest quality (up to HD resolution) through intelligent streaming. 

Seamless integration of the VideoManager in pirobase CMS enables you to integrate and publish videos quickly and easily using your familiar editorial user interface. Additional functions are available in the VideoManager for editing and managing videos. This creates streamlined processes for editing multimedia content.

Our solution at a glance

Editing made simple
Thanks to the in-depth integration in pirobase CMS, your editors can incorporate videos from the VideoManager without leaving their usual editing environment.
Interactive videos
Set chapters in videos, integrate social media functions, offer videos for download. Create interactive videos directly on the Internet.
Best streaming quality
Stream your videos worldwide and in HD quality using the high-performance Akamai network. No need to build your own infrastructure.
If you use pirobase to create mobile offers, you have the certainty that videos are automatically distributed in the correct format for every mobile platform.

Your benefits at a glance

Reduced editorial workload
Videos can be integrated using the usual editorial user interface.
Full range of functions
By integrating the VideoManager, you can access special video functions that conventional video platforms do not offer, for example video chapters or linking presentation slides.
Reliable streaming
The VideoManager streams videos in the correct format via the reliable Akamai network.

Our partner

MovingIMAGE24 is a leading provider of video management and video cloud solutions in the corporate environment. With VideoManager 6, the specialist from Berlin provides a Software as a Service solution for managing, processing and streaming videos on websites, video portals and for mobile distribution. More than 500 customers, including companies such as DeKa Bank, Stiftung Warentest, MetroGroup and Deutsche Fachverlag are already successfully using video CMS from MovingIMAGE24.


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