Creating online worlds rich in retail experience

pirobase is the central platform for your e-commerce presence. You can get the best of both worlds through the unique integration of our two pirobase modules PIM and CMS. pirobase PIM provides you with a powerful management tool for core product data, and a release facility for online editorial work. pirobase CMS is a high-performance editorial tool capable of populating an omni-channel environment.  
The result: a completely new generation of online shop systems. A symbiosis of structured and comprehensive product data and an emotionally appealing presentation of your product worlds. A key success factor for e-commerce is reliable and rapid delivery to your customers of highly topical marketing messages and product data. And this across all channels. With maximum process automation.

Our solution at a glance

Consistent product data in omni-channe

  • All touchpoints receive the same product data from a central source. This is a fully automated process, meaning time is saved when creating and managing a presence across several channels.

  • All channels are always populated simultaneously with the most current data. Such data consistency is an essential component of any professional brand presentation.

  • High data quality and frequent updates. Covering features, prices, images. Updates can be initiated by the product manager at any time. This reduces the time2market for product launches and relaunches to a minimum.

Built-In targeting

  • pirobase transfers data to target groups via its integrated targeting functionality.

  • In pirobase, these target groups can be leveraged for the dissemination of needs-specific product data such as descriptions, ranges, accessory lists and recommendations.

  • This level of integration improves communication with customers via effective cooperation between product management and marketing.

Editing made simple

  • Needs-based editorial environments with high levels of usability facilitate efficient management and enhancement of core product data, yet still provide online editors with a familiar workplace look and feel.

  • Thanks to the depth of vertical integration, editors can easily incorporate product data into their online presence straight from their familiar editorial environment.

  • Automatic compilation and updating of product catalogues.

  • Combination of catalogues with landing pages, campaigns and other marketing content, in particular images and multimedia worlds.

Guaranteed data quality

  • Customers are demanding increasingly detailed product information. The perceived value of products offered online is often defined by the amount, the consistency and the accuracy of product information.

  • pirobase assures the quality of this product information, even across many editorial stages.

  • Specific release processes and validations provide quality assurance and synchronise the output into the various channels.



  • The many interfaces on pirobase mean it can be easily integrated into your existing system environments.

  • Its open architecture makes it possible to implement, quickly and cost-effectively, other e-commerce processes such as personalised support pages, the exchange of B2B data, individual mobile apps and a great deal more.



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