Content Management for Extranets

An extranet can be used to provide a special target group with content within a closed area. Various factors are important to make the extranet a popular platform. This includes a safe and comfortable log-in as well as attractive, up-to-date content. Ensure the success of your extranet with our content management system imperia CMS. Easily. Quickly. Better.
Sensitive data are often used in closed system such as extranets. This is why each system user wants to be sure that the platform is protected against unauthorised visitors. A secure log-in is child's play with imperia.
Target Group
You use your extranet to make relevant information available to a specific target group. You use your extranet not only for information purposes, but also to gain the loyalty of your target group. Make your incentive scheme available online, run competitions, implement campaigns such as evaluation modules to encourage involvement. Turn your extranet into an attractive, interactive platform.
What is special about your extranet is that you know who is visiting your platform. You know what the users can expect. Offer them more than they expect and allow them to individualise their extranet visit. Their visits will be perfectly tailored by entering and defining personal data and interests. This invites another visit.

"The underlying imperia CMS can be intuitively operated and also takes into account subjects such as safety, transparency and compliance, which have the highest priority for us. In addition, we can make changes to the system ourselves, without having to turn to service providers. All this makes imperia the system of choice."

Business Development Consultant for Customer Dialogue at ING-DiBa