WEB 2.0

Modern, interactive, informative, well visited - this defines Web 2.0 sites. Draw visitors to your attractive websites by using social media component, interactive options, open interfaces, dialogue modules and interesting content and gain their loyalty to your company as customers and partners. By using our content management system imperia CMS. Easily. More quickly. Better.

Social Media

Give your visitors what they expect from a modern website: social media features. Set up platforms for your customers/visitors on which they can exchange impressions, opinions and experiences. You will be showing the most open side of yourself, will find out a lot about your own products and services and will win trust. This is best done with imperia.


Competitions, voting, rankings and many other activities can be carried out via imperia's interactive modules. Motivate visitors to your websites to participate and get involved in the design. This is fun for everyone and creates trust and involvement. It's easy with imperia.


Invite your customers and partners for an open, constructive dialogue. Make use of the imperia dialogue modules to exchange information with customers and partners on a regular basis - close to your needs and expectations. This will keep you in the picture.

Our articles posted online are of a significantly higher quality these days. It is difficult to get it wrong with imperia.

Dani Mohr, Team Leader for Database Administration & Software Developmentat kicker.de