Catalogue management

Design processes efficiently


Design processes efficiently

Besides the maintenance, consolidation and refinement of the different product data they also have to be structures for publication. No matter if you want to use your data in an online channel, a print publication or in the B2B communication - our catalogue management helps you to design your processes more efiiciently.

The central administration of all product data and assets is the requirement for the administration of product lines, portfolios and media-independent catalogue structures. Client-individual product lines and prices, target-group oriented preparation of information (e.g. for targeting) and channel-specific protection of the data quality rank among the most important performances of the catalogue management with pirobase.
By means of the automation and traceability of the publications you ensure the quality of the results. Affiliated to the consistency of your product data you will be able to manage all of your omni-channel challenges successfully. And to present  in the different media and sales channels a consistent brand image. 

For the efficient and fast realisation of publications the pirobase catalogue management offers its users many automated tools and functions.

The functions at a glance

  • Media such as images, films and documents are easy to manage.

  • Any number of product links (packaging, accessories, cross/up-selling, parts lists, spares, etc.) and freely definable catalogue hierarchies with attributes can be defined.

  • Product relations will be provided with free definable attributes

  • Media-independent ctalogue structures (hierachies) can be defined and used for different output channels.

  • Any amount of individual attributes can be defined for catalogues and categories.

  • Prices and ranges can be defined by product line and customer.

  • Various target markets are supplied with specific content.

  • You will find the intended use at the article per catalogue. Thus you can directly check directly in which channel the respective article has been published.

  • There is a clear allocation of responsibilities when it comes to access to data and processes.

  • Classification systems such as ecl@ss or individual systems can be quickly and easily incorporated.

  • pirobase Catalogue Management can be integrated into existing system and process environments.

  • Workflow support

  • Data can be repeatedly published through a variety of media and distribution channels. This includes:
    - Printed catalogues
    - Incorporation of DTP software
    - Existing interfaces
    - Offline HTML catalogues
    - B2B exchange with standard formats (e.g. BMECat)
    - B2B exchange with specific formats
    - Supply of websites and online shops
    - Fully automatic and semi-automatic generation of printed publications


Your advantages

Quicker and more efficient processes
Rapid adaptation of saved catalogue sections
More transparency in the production process, reproducibility
Current, consistent data in all output channels

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