Process and Workflow Management

Efficient processes make life easier. The design, consolidation, controlling and optimisation of processes is a great challenge. As a content management system, imperia has been developed in a process-orientated manner to support you in exactly this challenge and thus to make your life easier. Easily. Quickly. Better.
Process and Workflow Management


Each company has its own requirements and conditions. It is therefore important that all processes can be modelled. To make it particularly easy, you can use imperia to design your processes via the GRID using the drag & drop function, reconfiguring them at any time or expanding them by means of plug-ins. Nothing could be easier.
Process and Workflow Management

Control and optimisation

Conditions change and requirements tend to develop, while processes - once set up - tend to be operated without changes and thus become inefficient over time. We can do something about that: You can use imperia to measure the process efficiency and to optimise your processes on a continuous basis.
Process and Workflow Management


The standardisation of work steps is the first step towards a more efficient process. You can do much more with imperia. Use imperia to design streamlined processes for releases, translations, archiving, image searches and many other things and allow your CMS to help you adhere to these processes. You will be surprised how smoothly and efficiently your work processes suddenly become.

Flexible design options and easy operation allow imperia to respond rapidly to current requirements. The content can be directly updated, extended and adapted to special requirements by the experts in the various fields.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Görlich, MAS, Internet Information Coordinator at Danube University Krems