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A tool for all channels

As companies embark on the professionalisation of their social media strategy, their aim is to play an active role in social media and at the same time react rapidly to customer and stakeholder demands. The more channels a company feeds and the more employees are involved in this process, the stronger the need for a supporting solution.

Your benefits at a glance

Closer to content
Central overview of all posts, channels and statistics in administration 
One central tool for all social media channels
Content-related performance measurement of your social media channels
Direct option to optimise content
At a glance

The Functions

Social Media

One tool for all channels?

  • Your content on Facebook and Twitter

  • Publish content for social media directly from the editor

  • One account for all authors

  • Indicators on interactions (likes, shares, re-tweets)

  • All comments at a glance 

With pirobase as a central editing system, managing Facebook and Twitter feeds is a simple matter. It doesn't only bring you closer to the content - you also benefit from a central, standard tool and one account for all your output channels. Evaluate the success of the content of your social media channels in pirobase and receive all the important indicators such as number of likes, shares, re-tweets and even the range of your posts centrally in the editing interface. In this way you can always keep an eye on the success of your social media campaigns.
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