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Our PIM and CMS solutions are characterized by their flexibility, functionality and intuitive usability. As the only supplier on the market, we have combined the best of both worlds in a powerful system in our pirobase COMMERCE.



As a software provider for content management and product information management with over 20 years of experience, pirobase imperia GmbH offers innovative CMS solutions for enterprise, medium-sized and public institutions with comprehensive services from a single source
Here you will find our CMS solutions for enterprise, SME and public institutions and learn how easy content is possible.
Flexible and effective to manage and supply product data are core aspects of pirobase imperia PIM. The system fulfills the highest requirements for compliance and validation when importing and exporting data.
The unique pirobase COMMERCE is the powerful combination of pirobase CMS and pirobase imperia PIM. You get the best practice from both worlds in a system environment.


We have developed our Content Management Systems for different application areas and requirements. At a glance, you can find out which system suits your company or your institution. Naturally, we always advise you individually and develop the right solution for your content.
  • WHAT IS pirobase CMS?

Create high-quality and targeted content for web, print and cross-channel - with the multi-channel functionality of pirobase CMS is no problem. Designed for enterprise, pirobase CMS is based on a platform-independent system architecture and offers processor-oriented functions - as a system with flexible add-on features. With the powerful content management system pirobase CMS you manage complex content intuitively and efficiently - for a corporate advertising event with effect. Play multiple content on different channels at the same time? Thanks to pirobase CMS, this is very simple and you can handle everything internationally as well, thanks to the CMS client capability and multilingual user interface. To enable you to measure the success of your marketing campaigns on all communication channels, pirobase CMS offers extensive Analytics functions. With pirobase SmartView, the output of content is flexible.
  • WHAT IS imperia CMS?

Imperia CMS is an intuitive Content Management System. The system is simple and flexible workflows that allow you to control all your processes. With imperia CMS, you are quickly ready for action: Both the implementation as well as changes and additions are quickly implemented. This is how you provide your content for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet in an efficient and targeted manner. Imperia CMS is a web application that can be used without any special software from any system with Internet access and browser, it is platform-independent, easy to expand. With imperia CMS, content is played parallel to multiple servers (stages), you can adjust imperia CMS both functionally and graphically as you need it (Model View Controller (MVC)). Imperia CMS brings out many functions, eg the citizens' service portal, and is ready for eGovernment. This means short project run times.


Our pirobase imperia PIM facilitates the compilation and maintenance of your data and helps you to maintain the data quality at the highest level. This applies to both internal communication and external communication on all channels.
  • WHAT IS pirobase imperia PIM?

Our PIM is characterized by its flexible data model, controlled workflows, data validation, secure roles and rights, simple UI / UX and efficient import and export. This means concretely efficient, high-quality and fast data provision and dissemination, time savings and still full quality control.


In order to make content from content really good, we have created the only provider on the market of a combination of PIM and CMS. In this way, you benefit from validated product data that can be loaded with emotional marketing content in the CMS and easily integrated into your website via drag & drop - all in one system.
  • Powerful combination of pirobase CMS and pirobase imperia PIM

Efficient controlling of e-commerce processes and campaigns targeting the target group with the highest data quality is the pirobase COMMERCE for SMEs and Enterprise.
  • Powerful combination of imperia CMS and pirobase imperia PIM

We are currently developing this new software product. Learn more soon.

We build software that allows our customers to quickly and intuitively recognize and measure their marketing success in the online world.

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