imperia CMS

imperia CMS is 100% process-oriented, very easy to use and has an open,
platform-independent system architecture. With imperia CMS we offer you individually adaptable solutions for the Internet, intranet and extranet.


Our CMS Solution for small-medium-sized Businesses 

A lean user interface and useful tools ensure easy and straightforward operation. Times required to create and maintain websites are not only reduced by using imperia CMS, editing of layout and content can also be carried out entirely intuitively and efficiently. As a result, imperia CMS relieves the work load of your authors, administrators and developers. 
flexible, modular, process-oriented


Flexible and allows for modelling


  • Unique workflow engine
    The imperia CMS workflow engine and the graphic modelling function allow you to adapt your CMS to your process easily and transparently.

  • Optimise your work processes
    Continue to develop the CMS while you develop your company. Increase your work efficiency by optimising and expanding your workflows as required. All processes and work procedures can be easily adapted in real time. 

  • Intuitive operation
    The use of drag & drop makes the imperia CMS graphic workflow modelling option very easy to use. Achieve a higher degree of control when defining your work procedures. 

  • Numerous workflow plug-ins
    Over 40 workflow plug-ins can be used to define approval, publication and system-internal processes individually.Even customer-related procedures and processes can be quickly and easily modelled and integrated into your website with imperia CMS.

  • Workflow API
    imperia Workflow API allows you the freedom to extend the CMS and all internal and external processes in a flexible manner, based on your requirements. imperia CMS will equip you for future challenges.



  • High-performance website
    Highly frequented websites require a high-performance platform. By delivering static content, imperia CMS becomes your reliable tool for a high-performance website. This allows you to ensure that even in the event of a sudden surge in website visits, the image of your company will not be adversely affected by down-times. 

  • Rapid data with network services
    imperia CMS is well equipped to connect to the content delivery network (CDN). Relieve and accelerate your hosting environment and safeguard your website against denial of service attacks (DoS).

  • CMS by comparison 
    As shown in the adjacent diagram, imperia CMS is the leading CMS when it comes to dealing with high traffic volumes.



  • Intuitive user interface
    Current information about user tasks and the associated ergonomic requirements, best practices such as flat design and ISO directives, as well as concepts for a better user experience are steadily integrated into the development of imperia CMS.Look forward to clear structures, good legibility and a high level of user-friendliness. Save training costs by using an easy-to-learn content management system.  

  • Responsive design
    With BootStrap, imperia has created a basis for the responsive design of your website. The CMS itself can also be used with a full set of responses on mobile devices, even when creating websites. Enjoy the freedom of rapidly releasing newly created documents and pages via mobile media as well.

  • Support for journalists on the road
    Use your smartphone and the mobile user interface conveniently and easily to upload photos to the imperia media asset management (MAM) system while travelling. This allows you to make new website images available to your colleagues immediately, without losing time. 

  • Responsive preview
    Over 50% of all Internet users do mobile browsing. How does your website look to such users? The responsive preview allows for a quick and clear preview of your websites on mobile terminals in various language versions and resolutions. Ensure that your website looks good on a mobile terminal. 



  • Staging
    imperia CMS separates the editorial and publishing servers. This allows you to achieve a very high performance level via the static website, while also giving you the option of displaying content on several servers (stages) in parallel.

  • Data security
    By separating editorial and public content, you can use imperia CMS to ensure that only published content will end up on the web server. In this way, compliance directives can be more easily implemented and your data remains protected.

  • Open systems architecture
    The open systems architecture (web services and APIs) make imperia CMS platform-independent, easy to expand and thus sustainable.

  • Easy to use on any system
    imperia CMS is a web application that can be easily used by any system with Internet access and a browser, without any special software. This means that you will not incur any additional training costs for dedicated client applications.  

  • Cost savings
    The hardware requirements of dynamic CMS systems are significantly higher than of static systems. Secure your investments in the long term with imperia and reduce the costs of hardware, hosting and administration.  

  • Model view controller (MVC)
    imperia CMS separates the database from the business logic and the logic from the user interface. This gives you the freedom to adapt imperia CMS both functionally and graphically as you require, thereby allowing you full control of the CMS. 

Modular expansion possible


  • Expand your CMS
    Numerous add-ons allow you to expand your CMS by useful functions. Our add-ons are easy to install and adapt to individual needs.

  • An easy way of gaining new functions
    Rapidly and easily integrate new functions, simplify your processes and thus improve your online presence. 

  • The imperia add-ons offer something for everyone
    Whether you want to simplify your processes or render them more transparent, or whether you wish to improve or promote your Facebook presence, or even gain greater control over the quality of your website content: the choice is yours.  

The future has arrived 


  • Services for citizens (the portal)
    The imperia citizens’ service portal facilitates the convenient presentation of services offered to citizens by towns and municipalities. Make use of out-of-the-box functions to digitise processes and to increase your closeness to your citizens. 

  • Effective processes using workflows (online services)
    The imperia workflow engine provides a comprehensive range of options to depict services for citizens (e.g. applications, forms, deadlines, events) in a transparent, quick and efficient manner. Increase the satisfaction of your citizens by providing contemporary digital services

  • Interfaces for linking external systems (unlimited integrations)
    Documented interfaces form the basis for the integration of various service providers and their tools (e.g. personalised number plates, traffic information, social media, document management). Use imperia to depict external procedures and easily design your eGovernment platform.  

  • Sustainable (SmartCity and apps)
    Mobile apps (Android and iOS) and cooperation with various partners (e.g. German city marketing) allow imperia CMS to offer out-of-the-box access to a new media world. Publish CMS content on your apps in a quick and easy-to-understand way and link this content to SmartCity applications. 

  • Cost efficiency (safe investment)
    The architecture (staging), existing interfaces and the imperia CMS workflow engine provide you with the certainty that you are well equipped to face the future. This allows you full control over potential integrations, while also ensuring that your hardware and maintenance costs remain predictable. 

The usual functions of imperia CMS




  • User- and role-related data access
    Model your organisational structure in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Equipped for international use
    Multilingual data and UI.

  • Versioning 
    Convenient comparison of product and website versions. 

  • Easy expansion
    Easily expand imperia CMS by adding customer-specific validations and rules.

  • Presentation of information
    Depict product information in language, market and customer-dependent terms.

  • Convenient linking
    Link any DAM systems via a generic interface.

  • Adaptable UI
    Make use of the intuitive UI and easily adapt it to your requirements.

  • Efficient operation
    Shortcut keys help with efficient operation.

  • High usability: quickly and easily generate high-quality content.

  • Individual: benefit from user-defined element icons.

  • Internationally usable: use multilingualism for the back-end and front-end.

  • Multi-channel analytics: monitor the efficiency of your pages and page trees.

  • Good overview: imperia CMS administration provides an overview of all the details required by the user.

  • Versioning and preview: retain an overview of your document status and look at individual versions in the live preview.

  • Suitable for mobile use: imperia CMS provides responsive design for all mobile terminals.

  • Workflow: easy integration into existing processes.

  • Safe investment: many years of expertise and market presence with tried and trusted products.

  • Sustainability: scalable architecture, modern technologies and open interfaces for current and future requirements


We create Software, that will enable our customers to recognize and messure online marketing sucess fast and intuitively.  



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