pirobase CMS

pirobase CMS is a powerful content management tool. Effi ciently manage complex content and use it to enhance your corporate website. Publish content over several channels.



Thanks to the multi-client capability and the multilingual user interface, international use is no problem at all. We have integrated Analytics into pirobase CMS to allow you to track and predict the success of your communication channels and marketing campaigns. This allows you to achieve the best possible results.
Powerful Content Management


Easy editing of dynamic and personalised content


  • Drag and drop for intuitive website editing
    Editors work with simple templates and elements to generate and edit content and can make intuitive use of the drag and drop function.

  • Reusable generic components for higher efficiency
    Higher efficiency by referencing all elements, templates and pages. pirobase CMS offers protection against inconsistencies by monitoring the deletion of the originals.

  • WYSIWYG editors
    An easy way to preview your finished results. Perfect for minor changes and less experienced authors. In the Inplace Editor and soon also directly in the pirobase CMS Editor.

  • Personalised content with target groups
    Increase your competitiveness by offering personalised content accurately tailored to certain target groups. Achieve a higher degree of control, transparency and relevance, and thereby support your editors in the presentation of the content.

  • Separation of layout and content
    Editors can only compile content within a defined framework. The layout is separately provided and subject to administrative control. This standardises the presentation of your website and ensures adherence to your corporate identity.

  • Increase your level of control by comparing several versions, and thereby the certainty of your data quality
    pirobase CMS easily allows you to find out which content was online at a given time. Well-structured and transparent for monitoring on a dashboard tailored to your needs.

  • Real-time preview of work versions for higher quality
    Increase the quality of your results: Even while editing, you can already see how your results will look on your finished website. The pirobase CMS editor offers this as an option.

pirobase CMS
Flexibility of integration and presentation


  • Synergies through integration of any systems
    pirobase CMS grows along with your future requirements by providing open, documented and secure interfaces. Integrate existing systems and create cost-saving synergies.

  • Dynamic presentation with pirobase Smart View
    pirobase Smart View allows for flexible presentation of content and imposes no restrictions. Benefit from the dynamics that pirobase CMS offers and create an experience that will captivate your visitors, thus increasing sales.

  • Content variables for higher consistency
    Editors make use of content placeholders, which are dynamically replaced only once the website is called up. Placeholders can depit any content, such as interest rates, legal information or product attributes. Rapidly make consistent and controllable changes to critical content.

  • Platform-independent
    Remain independent: The use of Java means that pirobase CMS can be installed on any server. The editor runs directly on the web browser in your usual work environment. You will therefore not incur additional costs for installation and maintenance.

pirobase CMS
Key figures that are close to the content


  • Easily accessible metrics provide higher transparency
    Metrics are conveniently accessible to editors without additional log-in and directly in the content. This direct feedback ensures higher transparency and reduces the need for internal coordination.

  • Freedom of decision-making: Link your tracking tool
    Our generic interface allows you to integrate your existing tracking tool in a flexible manner. Use the software that has proven to meet your needs: You decide!

  • Automatic tracking
    No additional costs: pirobase CMS easily and quickly integrates the tracking code into your website. Statistics are synchronised with pirobase CMS by API and are always up to date.

  • A quicker response to change
    The proximity of the metrics to the content allows editors directly to respond to changes in user behaviour. This helps you better understand your customers, draw conclusions more easily and thus optimise the content.

pirobase CMS
User-friendly interfaces for occasional and power users


  • Simple user interfaces for particularly easy handling of content
    pirobase CMS is easy and intuitive to operate, allowing editors to focus on their core tasks and training costs to be reduced.

  • Optimised for efficient work
    We know our users and their requirements. We therefore know what it takes to work with extensive, sensitive content. From managing entire page trees to updating individual pages – pirobase CMS has been optimised for efficient work.

  • Developed with the focus on usability
    Even at the development stage, we already pay attention to usability and test the major editorial tasks. The continuous integration of user feedback ensures our user-friendliness.

  • Time-saving and transparent editorial processes
    Your processes and workflows can be presented in pirobase CMS in an easily understandable and compliant way, allowing you to increase your efficiency and transparency.

Additional functions and connectors


  • pirobase CMS grows with your individual requirements
    Individualise pirobase CMS so that it suits your requirements. Our add-ons offer you the freedom to select features over and above the standard CMS functions. pirobase CMS continues to develop along with your organisation.

  • Add-ons are easy and quick to install
    Add-ons can be installed, updated and configured in an easily comprehensible way, using the normal pirobase CMS mechanisms (including set-up tool).

  • Everything from a single source – rapid, high-quality communication
    Add-ons are directly provided, implemented and maintained by pirobase CMS. This results in high reliability and short communication routes.

  • Benefit from regular support and maintenance
    Add-ons are part of the product and are covered by our regular support and maintenance services. This automatically provides you with investment security and a safe future.

pirobase CMS
Meets the requirements of major organisations


  • Linear scaling of architecture gives you control over your investment costs 
    All components of pirobase CMS can be clustered and scaled almost linearly with the user traffic. This reduces your investment costs and allows you to retain an overview.

  • Comprehensive security concept for your organisational structure 
    Combine role-based functional rights and user-based access rights for complete depiction of your organisational structure. Benefit from a clear delimitation of the areas of responsibility and maximum security.

  • Flexible workflows for full quality control
    Make use of workflows to test your content before publication. Increase your competitiveness by adhering to quality standards. Whether workflows for translations or approval processes: retain an overview with pirobase CMS.

  • Clients for presentation of your organisation 
    pirobase CMS has multi-client capability and allows for strict separation of content and users and thus for the simultaneous use of the system by any number of clients. Increase data security and achieve a higher degree of control.

  • Multiple customising options to adapt the system to your requirements
    pirobase CMS can be expanded according to your individual needs. Both the API and the interfaces are designed for customisation. Benefit from the freedom to adapt pirobase CMS to your business model.

pirobase CMS
The usual functions of pirobase CMS


  • User- and role-specific data access
    Model your organisational structure in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Equipped for international use
    Multilingual data and UI.

  • Adaptable UI
    Make use of the intuitive UI and easily adapt it to your requirements.

  • Efficient operation
    Shortcut keys help with efficient operation.

  • High usability: quickly and easily generate high-quality content.

  • Individual: benefit from user-defined element icons.

  • Internationally usable: use multilingualism for the back-end and front-end.

  • Multi-channel analytics: monitor the efficiency of your pages and page trees.

  • Good overview: pirobase CMS administration provides an overview of all the details required by the user.

  • Versioning and preview: retain an overview of your document status and look at individual versions in the live preview.

  • Suitable for mobile use: pirobase CMS provides responsive design for all mobile terminals.

  • Workflow: easy integration into existing processes.

  • Safe investment: many years of expertise and market presence with tried and trusted products.

  • Sustainability: scalable architecture, modern technologies and open interfaces for current and future requirements.


We create Software, that will enable our customers to recognize and messure online marketing sucess fast and intuitively.  



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