pirobase COMMERCE

pirobase COMMERCE  is a combination of powerful content management (CMS) and efficient product information management (PIM), and links you to the central platform for your content. 



Emotive marketing content and validated product data can be easily integrated into your website using drag and drop, thanks to the seamless integration of CMS and PIM. 
This allows you easy and uncomplicated control of all your content and data by using a standardised editing process before distributing the content to all channels. In this way you can reach your target audience via the relevant touch points quickly and in a targeted manner. Editors can work in their usual environment and can use context-related product data accurately and in real time.
Suitable for customer-specific modelling




  • Easy provision of shops and catalogues 
    The pirobase COMMERCE offers numerous out-of-the-box functions for shops and catalogues. Implement your e-commerce scenarios quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Addressing the right target group 
    Increase your competitiveness by offering personalised content, accurately tailored to specific target groups. Ensure that your customers see the right products, thus accelerating the buying decision.

  • Business-critical changes - reliably and immediately synchronised 
    Validated product data from the PIM gives you the certainty that your customers will always see the correct and latest product information. As prices and product data can be synchronised in real time, you can easily and quickly plan and implement promotional campaigns.

  • Consistent presence across several channels as a “single source of truth” 
    Centrally provide all relevant data, enrich it and use it across all channels. This allows you to ensure a consistent and transparent website, thus increasing your customers’ trust in your brand.

pirobase COMMERCE
Editorially expandable


  • Preparing products for target groups and campaigns 
    Dynamically compile products based on categories and product attributes or select individual products. Distinguish yourself from your competitors with personalised communication and suitable products.

  • Placeholders for constant updating of the latest product data in texts
    Product attributes can be used as dynamic placeholders in plain text. Information such as prices and other product data are automatically updated, reducing editorial costs. This ensures higher efficiency, control and security.

  • Flexible and simple combinations of product data and CMS content
    Validated product data can be easily and quickly extended by adding emotional marketing content. Increase the flexibility of design and incorporate product data into your website. Rapidly respond to changing market requirements.

  • Optimise your content by focusing on the most successful products and increase your return on investment
    Analytics allows you to gain an overview of the behaviour of the visitors to your website. Make use of this information to optimise your content and thus to maximise your product sales.

  • Combine your product data with marketing content for SEO  
    Improve your ranking in search engines through enhanced SEP compatibility of your website. Use pirobase COMMERCE to enrich product data with marketing content in an easy way, thereby increasing the relevance of your content.

pirobase COMMERCE


  • Information available in real time 
    Prices and product data directly available in the CMS. This renders any changes to product data immediately visible on the website. You can thus be sure that customers always see the  correct and latest product information.

  • Automatic generation of catalogue pages with master layouts 
    Present your entire product catalogue on a single page in pirobase COMMERCE. Little effort is required for amendment, saving you time, money and hassle.

  • Flexible design of catalogue pages 
    The choice is yours: use the master layout or specialise the start pages by category and product level, as required. Efficiently and flexibly create individual catalogue pages.

  • Increasing cross-selling potential by means of product relations  
    Use the relations between the products to display related or associated  products. Cover all your customers’ requirements, increasing cross-selling and thus your overall sales volumes.

  • Quick, tried and trusted connection with Elasticsearch   
    pirobase makes use of Elasticsearch to ensure rapid and stable product data access. The use of current and proven technologies guarantees sustainability. 

Dedicated and simple


  • More than just a data source 
    In pirobase CMS, PIM data is not only used as a data source, but is integrated into meaningful editing options, seamlessly fitting into the UI of pirobase CMS. Use the additional options to prepare your product data in an attractive way and consequently addressing your customers’ needs as best as possible.

  • No difference in the handling of CMS content and PIM data 
    In the pirobase COMMERCE, PIM data are normal content elements, the use of which is no different from that of images or texts. This makes it easy to learn how to handle pirobase COMMERCE, keeping training costs low.

  • Dedicated interfaces 
    Specially developed interfaces and dialogues for the use of products and categories make it easy and efficient to use product data. Filters facilitate the search for products. 

  • Easy integration of PIM data via drag and drop 
    Browse through a catalogue in the library to find products. These can then be simply inserted into the page, using the drag and drop function. Intuitive use makes product data maintenance a very convenient process. 



  • Coping with complex requirements 
    The pirobase COMMERCE consists of two separate products, both of which are well-established on the market. Each is individually able to meet the complex requirements of enterprise environments by providing the appropriate tools. The products have been steadily developed through many years of experience in customer projects. Profit from these high quality standards.

  • Using new options 
    The combination of two established products has resulted in the exploration of completely new options in the field of content management. Gain a competitive advantage by making use of this unique characteristic for your own purposes.

  • Expertise and experience gained with both products 
    Many years of experience gained with the product development of pirobase CMS and pirobase imperia PIM came to fruition in
    pirobase COMMERCE. Make use of this knowledge and expertise for enterprise content management.

  • The latest technologies 
    The use of current and proven technologies such as Java and Elasticsearch guarantees sustainability. Remain platform-independent, with applications operating directly on the web browser within your familiar work environment. This ensures that there are no additional installation and maintenance costs.

One manufacturer for everything


  • Coordinated implementation
    High compatibility and sustainability as a result of synchronised road maps. 

  • One contact person for all your questions
    The combination of sales, support and professional service under a single roof ensures that decision-making paths remain short.

  • In-house professional services
    The transfer of knowledge from product development to professional service ensures high quality.

The usual functions of pirobase COMMERCE


  • User- and role-specific data access
    Model your organisational structure in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Equipped for international use
    Multilingual data and UI.

  • Versioning 
    Convenient comparison of product and website versions. 

  • Easy expansion
    Easily expand pirobase COMMERCE by adding customer-specific validations and rules.

  • Presentation of information
    Depict product information in language, market and customer-dependent terms.

  • Convenient integration
    Link any DAM systems via a generic interface.

  • Adaptable UI
    Make use of the intuitive UI and easily adapt it to your requirements.

  • Efficient operation
    Shortcut keys help with efficient operation.

  • High usability: quickly and easily generate high-quality content.

  • Individual: benefit from user-defined element icons.

  • Internationally usable: use multilingualism for the back-end and front-end.

  • Multi-channel analytics: monitor the efficiency of your pages and page trees.

  • Good overview: pirobase COMMERCE administration provides an overview of all the details required by the user.

  • Versioning and preview: retain an overview of your document status and look at individual versions in the live preview.

  • Suitable for mobile use: pirobase COMMERCE provides responsive design for all mobile terminals.

  • Workflow: easy integration into existing processes.

  • Safe investment: many years of expertise and market presence with tried and trusted products.

  • Sustainability: scalable architecture, modern technologies and open interfaces for current and future requirements.


We create Software, that will enable our customers to recognize and messure online marketing sucess fast and intuitively.  



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