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What users love about imperia


Workflows for effective teamwork

  • Smooth editorial processes, even with high volumes of content

  • Structured distribution of assignments to authors and teams using an editorial plan

  • Reliable quality control thanks to proofreading loops and approvals

  • Compliance to delivery dates thanks to monitoring and escalation of deadlines

  • Reproducible first-class results

Responsive Design

Preview for intuitive content creation

  • User-friendly editor system for editors

  • Real-time preview for omnichannel content

  • Live checking of smartphone, tablet and desktop displays

  • Immediate detection of changes from the last content version

  • Even across different language versions


Faster, secure and resilient websites

  • Websites built on JAMstack philosophy

  • Static if possible – dynamic reloading if necessary

  • Maximum security requirements thanks to small attack points

  • Failsafe and available everywhere through integration into the CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Short loading times due to static pre-generation


Clear your thoughts with headless

Do your web developers need more freedom, but your CMS is getting in the way obstructing them? Do you want to use lots of channels without building up content silos? If so, headless content management is the right architecture for you.
A headless CMS separates content (back end) and output (front end). With this approach, the CMS becomes a pure editorial system and stores the content in a structured content model. It uses a programming interface to export its contents to any output channels and site generators.
This is exactly what facilitates more effective division of tasks between the editorial system and web development: up to now, editors have always had to think in terms of web pages and web layouts, instead of just about “content first”. A headless CMS, on the other hand, allows them to concentrate fully on content creation. Beyond this, developers finally have complete creative freedom when designing output channels, because the CMS no longer dictates the technology for the output channels.

How we make a difference

Enterprise CMS

Optimal support for agency operations

imperia gives agencies an editorial system with multi-client capability that they can use to manage content for a wide range of customers. Content is stored in a structured way rather than as web pages, so content modules can be reused with ease. imperia becomes the content hub for your entire media production.

Full design freedom for developers

imperia offers complete design freedom. Web developers are no longer limited by the technical possibilities of a CMS. All options are available so that you can use the best technology for your output channels. Get going straight away without waiting for content. In other words: creative design, fast results, lower costs.

Futureproof for new channels

imperia’s content API allows you not only to address every possible channel and device: you can also use the output technology developed in future that best meets your needs. With imperia, you can futureproof your omnichannel marketing and open up your technology.

Fit for the cloud

Use imperia as a flexible cloud solution. This will save you having to build and maintain your own infrastructure. Choose your cloud option according to your needs – from the imperia cloud, which offers a highly secure solution from German data centres.

Just the way you need your CMS to be


Headless CMS for unlimited possibilities

Give your thoughts free rein when it comes to integration and connectivity, thanks to imperia’s headless architecture. Editing and output are separate, which means you have a choice when it comes to tools, frameworks and programming languages.

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