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Product Information Management

In a digitally connected world, consistent product data is not only the basis for efficient work - it is also fundamental to create positive customer experiences. Managing all product data in a single point ot truth and being able to distribute it to various channels is the goal for every company with large assortments. pirobase PIM does not only build a central place to manage and distribute your product information. You also benefit from a highly flexible system that adapts to your product range - and not the other way around.

With a PIM system, you achieve ...


more conversions


Sales increase


higher customer satisfaction

Source: A. T. Kearny / AMR Research / Gartner
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Use only one system for product data

  • Go for a single point of truth

  • Put an end to different file formats, versions and sources for your product data

  • Relieve your employees through workflows without system and media discontinuities


Exploit the full data potential

  • Combine your product information with multimedia data for an emotional product presentation

  • Add value to your data through multilingualism

  • Link products to each other in the blink of an eye

Enterprise Software

Distribute your products to all channels

  • Prepare your product data for all channels

  • Create a consistent omnichannel presence

  • Benefit from a shorter time to market and increasing revenues


Success Story

Success Story: PXM for Chemical Trade - Learn how STOCKMEIER uses Product Experience Management to centralize their product data.
Success Story

Success Story: Find out how Melitta efficiently supplies retailers across Europe with product data via GDSN

Whitepaper: Learn how pirobase PIM can help you gain better control over your product data and realize its full potential.

The basis for your product experience management

By combining pirobase PIM and pirobase CMS in one program package, pirobase forms the core processes and tools for Product Experience Management (PXM). This allows you to manage your product information in a platform-independent manner and publish it in a variety of variants in different channels.
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Expand your pirobase PIM as you need it


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