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pirobase PIM Modul

Features for improvements of your work processes


Information context

Relevant product information take the context into account. With pirobase PIM, you can provide product data for different languages, markets and customers. These contexts can be flexibly specified and put into action for private and corporate customers in different industries and languages, for example.

Data model

pirobase PIM allows you to easily generate and manage data yourself and even adapt it while it’s running. pirobase PIM supports import and export for external management of your data structure or allows rollout on several systems.


By using pirobase you are flexible in classifying your products. Such classifications can include whole sets of attributes which means you benefit from a lean data model and a better overview.

Product­ version

You never stop developing your products. With pirobase PIM you can maintain data records of future product versions without changing current product communication. When rolling out a new version, pirobase PIM checks whether the product data meets your defined requirements before final release. This allows you to retain full control over your data quality.
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset management 

pirobase PIM works hand-in-hand with your digital asset management (DAM). By referencing media files in your DAM, pirobase PIM avoids duplicate data storage. If required, we’ll be happy to help you integrate your DAM into pirobase PIM.

Global Data Synchroni­sation Network (GDSN)

With pirobase PIM you can be an active part of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) and maintain GDSN attributes directly in pirobase PIM. By automatically transferring existing values to GDSN attributes a lot of effort can be reduced: pirobase PIM publishes your product data conveniently in accordance with GDSN standards.

Data quality

With pirobase PIM you achieve unprecedented data quality, because pirobase PIM checks your product data automatically and systematically. To do this, you define check rules and countermeasures for each attribute as required. You can also map more complex testing logics using dependencies between attributes.

Data inheritance

When conducting international business, providers present product information in various languages. With pirobase PIM, language-dependent product data can be inherited efficiently from one language to another; from German to Austrian German and Swiss German versions, for example. You determine the language inheritance hierarchy.
Import Export

Import and export

pirobase PIM can be adapted flexibly to your existing IT landscape thanks to open interfaces. pirobase PIM can import and combine raw product data from various sources. Product data can also be exported to numerous systems, channels and formats.


Quality needs a systematic approach; and not just for product data. In pirobase PIM, you can define workflows for data maintenance and quality, approvals and data record imports and exports. Quality criteria and escalation paths can be taken into account for each workflow, giving you full control at all times.

Search profiles

A powerful search function is essential for an overview of your product data. In pirobase PIM, you can save search parameters as a search profile and thus keep this section of your range in view. A search profile can also be shared with other users, making it easier to work together on product data.


Catalogues support you in structuring your product data for export, or they can be used as navigation aids for product data maintenance, thereby providing a user-friendly tool. You can create and edit catalogues directly in pirobase PIM and export them for output channels such as print or web.

Rights mana­gement

Product data is overseen by a lot of different users when it’s being maintained. Your employees’ tasks overlap. Or users support tasks for multiple teams. With pirobase PIM’s rights management, you can map such requirements and guarantee that users only edit data in their own areas of responsibility.