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Product Experience Management

The buying process and the customer journey have changed fundamentally. Today, customers expect consistent product information and compelling marketing content across all media and touchpoints. Product experience management focuses on presenting products in a convincing and entertaining manner to potential customers making them an experience. The basis for this are reliable and relevant product information, which are distributed dynamically and personalized for omnichannel marketing. Product Experience Management thus leads to a product experience tailored to the customer and emotionally bonds customers with the product.

The new omnichannel customer journey

Nowadays, customers have almost completed their purchase decision before they even seek contact with a provider. By then, they are researching the channels of their choice for relevant experiences, customer reviews, stories, and product information. The growing variety of channels and the autonomy of individual search paths have become a problem for product providers. Studies show: No two customer journeys are the same.
Graphic: The new customer journey


... of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.
Source: American Express


... higher purchase frequency in omnichannel compared to singlechannel


... as likely an emotionally engaged customer is to buy or recommend a product
Source: Havard Business School



PIM meets E-Commerce - Learn how to connect your existing online store with a PIM in our webinar on March 16.
Case Study

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What our customers love about PXM with pirobase

Shorter Time to Market

pirobase offers providers more clout and speed for product communication. Even with extensive portfolios and complex omnichannel campaigns, you retain an overview and can sell products faster. The centralised, quality-checked and automated distribution of data to the various output channels, such as shopping platforms, shortens time to market and thus gives providers a decisive competitive advantage.

Fewer returns and higher sales

Relevance and precision count for a consistent and appealing presence in omnichannel markets. With pirobase's comprehensive PXM approach, providers avoid outdated product information, media discontinuities and conflicting messages. This way, you meet shoppers' expectations, reduce returns and increase conversions to touchpoints.

Convincing customer experience across all channels

Especially the integration of PIM and CMS gives manufacturers and retailers full control over their entire product communication, even in omnichannel environments. With integrated tools, you combine valid product data and emotional marketing content to create effective product campaigns.

User-friendliness and effective collaboration

Digital technologies are designed to relieve the creative process of routine tasks and bureaucracy. The simple user interface of pirobase provides a common platform for cooperation between marketing, store teams, catalog and product management. It puts an end to software silos and reduces manual work steps caused by media and system breaks.

pirobase offers full control of your product data, channels and content

pirobase maps the core processes and tools for product experience management in a single program package. At its core, pirobase integrates tools for Product Information Management (PIM) and a Content Management System (CMS).

Marketing and store teams work with the same software suite, as do product and catalog managers. So pirobase organizes all data, resources and forces for a holistic product experience.
pirobase PIM Modul

The pirobase PIM module as a single point of truth for product data

As a single point of truth, the pirobase PIM module provides the original data for every product information. As a result, the module provides marketing, store management and product management with up-to-date, complete and consistent product data.
pirobase CMS Modul

The pirobase CMS module ensures emotional and effective content

Context and creativity are needed to turn high-quality product data into relevant product information. This is where the pirobase CMS module comes into play. Editors and designers stage the product data in pirobase CMS and distribute it in all channels
Digital Asset Management

Connecting digital asset management for multimedia data

To better manage extensive multimedia data, providers can integrate a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution into pirobase. An interface for the Pixelboxx DAM is already integrated per default.
Translation Management System

Translation Management Systems for verified translations into any target language

Additional output languages multiply the effort required for creating and managing product information. You can connect a Translation Management System (TMS), which handles the translation of information, controls the translation process and resends the required language versions to pirobase.

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