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Features for authors and developers


In-house or imperia Cloud

With imperia you are free to choose where your content management system is run. Install imperia on your own server in minutes, or use your CMS in the imperia Cloud. In any case, your data is and will remain your data.


imperia grows with your business model and projects. Thanks to its modular structure you can extend and customise imperia with plug-ins.
The open plug-in architecture allows imperia to be adapted to your specific requirements.

Preview before publication

imperia’s real-time preview shows what your content will look like on smartphones, tablets and desktops as you type. imperia also indicates the changes you’ve made from the last content version. Even across different language versions.

Perfect image staging

imperia handles image processing in the CMS for you. All you have to do is define the area of interest – imperia will automatically scale and crop your images for all output formats.
imperia automatically prepares your image for a variety of display purposes and output channels.


imperia allows you to publish in multiple languages: imperia’s language copy features and localisation settings help you to manage global websites and applications easily.

Flexible editorial workflows

Professional content management is teamwork. imperia’s multi-stage workflows allow you to define which work steps each item of content on your website should go through, from design to approval and publication. This systematically ensures quality and adherence to deadlines.

Manage media data

imperia offers integrated digital asset management (DAM) for working with lots of media files. Alternatively, you can connect external DAM. DAM provides an overview, offers a central search function, monitors links to published documents and ensures that you display the current version of a file on all pages.

Design, test, plan, rewind, check

imperia supports professional processes for your editorial system: reliable versioning of all content and a separate test area mean you can ensure that only content meeting your requirements is published.

Enterprise-level access control

Every website is created by many people, especially in large organisations. To have clear responsibilites for your cotent, explicit rules and control are needed. imperia protects your data and the quality of your content with professional rights management.

Faster, secure and resilient JAMstack websites

imperia is a content management system and a static site generator in one. This is because imperia is capable of generating enormous web presences of over one million pages as a static website. No other static site generator can keep pace with this.
Using the JAMstack approach, imperia combines the benefits of static and dynamic websites: unrivalled speed, stability and security through static rendering. All dynamic features such as search, commerce, forms and customisation are included in this strong foundation in a targeted manner.

Unlimited projects with imperia multi-sites

Agencies or large organisations usually run many different web projects. As an imperia customer, you only need a single licence to control an unlimited number of websites. With imperia’s multi-client capability, you can create workspaces for the various projects and divide or clearly separate your resources however you choose.

Editor for structured content

imperia’s content modules represent a clever compromise between free storytelling by editorial staff and flexible reuse by web developers.
imperia’s modular content structure offers the ideal balance between freedom of design and technically efficient reuse of content.