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Headless Content Management with imperia


In-house, or imperia Cloud

With imperia you are free to choose where your content management system is run. Install imperia on your own server in minutes, or use your CMS in the imperia Cloud. In any case, your data is and will remain your data. 
imperia offers you cloud functionality as a fully managed service from German data centres as an alternative to in-house operation.
imperia means you always retain full control over your data and your customers’ data. You can run imperia using your own infrastructure. Or you can use the imperia cloud as a fully managed service running exclusively in German data centres, i.e. the German legal area. You retain full control and ownership of your data.
Either way, your data is protected in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Your organisation is evolving. And imperia is evolving with you. We have therefore developed imperia as a modular system, with separate data management, business logic and user interface at an architectural level. This reduces mutual technical dependencies and facilitates extension of imperia by means of program modules – or plug-ins, as they’re known. For instance, you could replace the SQLite database with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.
Or would you prefer authentication via LDAP instead of the standard login? No problem, all you have to do is add the appropriate plug-in. Extend the functionality of your CMS with new and innovative applications. Use our flexible, open plug-in architecture.

Perfect image staging

imperia handles image processing in the CMS for you. All you have to do is define the area of interest – imperia will automatically scale and crop your images for all output formats.
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Companies require images in a wide range of crops, quality levels and formats for different output channels and screen sizes. Even with all these requirements, editors only have to upload an image once in imperia. Automatic image transformation generates the necessary image variants for headers, summary pages and responsive design for various terminals. The important elements of the image always remain in focus: all the user has to do is select the focal point for the image once.
That way even difficult crops are perfect, no matter what devices your audience are using. A powerful feature that saves editors lots of time and clicks.
With imperia you can localise web content clearly and efficiently for any language version. Avoid Babylonian language chaos: imperia allows you to publish and manage content for any number of languages. Your CMS makes sure you always have an overview of the different language versions, so you don’t need to create a new content tree for every language.

Simply insert the “multilang” plug-in into your workflow and generate the localisations for the required pages from the central content tree.
Do you work with a translation agency? imperia offers useful functions for this as well. For instance, external translation services can be integrated into the editing process via the programming interface of our workflow engine.
Workflows in imperia ensure professional processes in your editorial system and first-class results that can be reproduced.

Professional content has to be planned, created, search engine optimised, corrected, optimised for different target groups and touch points, translated and finally authorised before you publish it, ideally so that it’s accessible to the disabled. Planning and controlling such collaborative processes manually makes editorial offices slow and increases the error rate.

imperia makes sure that your editors maintain an overview and keep their heads clear for their work on the content. imperia’s multi-level workflows create a reliable framework for this and guide your employees through all stages of production. Even beginners can be productive immediately thanks to the step-by-step approach.
A fixed editorial plan is established with the imperia workflow engine. Organising correction loops, approval processes and escalations create clear responsibilities and increases adherence to deadlines. This allows you to achieve first-class results that can be reproduced.

Manage media data

imperia offers integrated digital asset management (DAM) for working with lots of media files. Alternatively, you can connect external DAM. DAM provides an overview, offers a central search function, monitors links to published documents and ensures that you display the current version of a file on all pages.
The handling of images, videos and PDFs quickly becomes confusing with large web presences. This is why imperia lets you manage all your media files in a single location: integrated digital asset management (DAM). For example, you only need to change a product image once to ensure it’s updated on all the relevant pages. Drag and drop your media files from the desktop to DAM. A file tree keeps everything in order and maintains an overview. DAM stores all copyright information and imports IPTC metadata. DAM supports your editors with useful automatisms when cropping and scaling images. The image transformation generates all necessary image variants for thumbnails, headers, overview pages and various terminals.
imperia also protects you from invalid links to published documents: DAM keeps track of all references and handles the necessary changes. All access rights to media data can be controlled precisely via imperia’s rights and roles system. Alternatively, you can connect external DAM to imperia via a plug-in interface. Just talk to us.

Design, test, plan, rewind, check

imperia supports professional processes for your editorial system: reliable versioning of all content and a separate test area mean you can ensure that only content meeting your requirements is published.

With imperia’s professional tools, your content team can confidently organise all production phases for your content.
In every professional editorial system, content goes through several production stages before it is published online, and is constantly being revised and extended afterwards. imperia supports your team in organising and monitoring work throughout the various content phases. For instance, your authors can subject new content to thorough testing it in a shielded staging area in the various output channels before publishing it. imperia gives you the ability to create any such environments for testing or merging content, even multiple production environments. By publishing content in a timeframe, you can automate your editorial plan.
imperia will assign a version number to your content every time you create, change or delete content. This also allows you to restore previous versions of your content from the archive. At the same time, versioning makes your entire content tamperproof. And when the going really gets tough: imperia logs all interactions between users and content. You can therefore track every action in the document history.

Enterprise-level access control

Every website is created by many people, especially in large organisations. To have clear responsibilites for your cotent, explicit rules and control are needed. imperia protects your data and the quality of your content with professional rights management. 
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Access control is the key to reliable rights management for your websites, especially in large organisations. imperia’s rights system allows you to assign clear roles to users and groups. You can also use workflows to restrict the users who can edit, manage and publish content. Create the perfect publication workflow for your team and determine which actions each team member is allowed to perform.

imperia’s granular authorisation levels provide you with the perfect tool for accurately mapping even when dealing with interdisciplinary teams. This is how imperia creates clear safeguards for collaborative content creation while also reducing coordination effort to a minimum. Meanwhile, your teams can concentrate on their operational tasks – no matter whether your organisation has 30 employees or 3,000.

Faster, secure and resilient JAMstack websites

imperia is a content management system and a static site generator in one. This is because imperia is capable of generating enormous web presences of over one million pages as a static website. No other static site generator can keep pace with this.
Using the JAMstack approach, imperia combines the benefits of static and dynamic websites: unrivalled speed, stability and security through static rendering. All dynamic features such as search, commerce, forms and customisation are included in this strong foundation in a targeted manner.

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Websites with imperia can be built using the JAMstack principle. That is, statically if possible, with dynamic reloading if necessary. This principle combines the best of both worlds: on the one hand a robust, fast and secure foundation, because it’s static. And on the other, state-of-the-art interactivity is added individually by means of specialised services.

Websites using the JAMstack approach are faster than sites that are rendered only at runtime, because they’re based on static pages. And speed isn’t just crucial for Google these days. JAMstack websites can be hosted entirely on a content delivery network (CDN) and are therefore unrivalled in their speed. Moreover, such systems are incomparably stable and secure. Without a database, without server-side processing of scripts and without a web server, there’s nothing left that can be hacked or brought to its knees by too many accesses.
imperia’s modular content structure offers the ideal balance between freedom of design and technically efficient reuse of content.

Editors can use imperia’s content modules to tell inspiring and visually powerful stories. They can use imperia’s expandable module library to combine rich text modules, YouTube videos, image galleries, social media snippets and images with image lines or quotes. Nestable elements also make it easy to build elaborate stories. This is because imperia enables assembly of more complex content elements from smaller, reusable modules.
Even untrained editors can use imperia’s editor immediately as the inputs are clear and easy to understand. This allows editors to concentrate on producing their stories without being distracted by basic design issues.

imperia’s live preview shows all changes directly in the website design, providing a clear overview of the end product. Thanks to the modular principle, imperia saves stories and pages independently of your presentation. And that makes the job easier for web developers, who can conveniently query the content and reuse it for different end products.