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pirobase allows you to retain full control over your product data, channels and content.

pirobase maps the core processes and tools for product experience management (PXM) in a single program package. For this, pirobase combines two independent, mature software modules: the pirobase PIM module and the pirobase CMS module.

Both modules have their own features to optimally support your product data and omnichannel processes. Discover the features of our software modules now and take the first step into a brilliant omnichannel marketing future.
pirobase PIM Modul

The pirobase PIM module as a single point of truth for product data

As a single point of truth, the pirobase PIM module provides a template for all product information. The module thus supplies marketing, shop management and product management with current, complete and consistent product data.
pirobase CMS Modul

The pirobase CMS module ensures emotive, effective content

It takes context and creativity to turn high-quality product data into relevant product information. This is where the pirobase CMS module comes into play. Editors and designers stage the product data in pirobase CMS and release it on all channels.

Product experience management with pirobase

Take the first step towards a golden omnichannel marketing solution now.

Content management with pirobase CMS

CMS for editors! Working in the CMS is child’s play thanks to simple user guidance and an intuitive editorial system.

Product information management with pirobase PIM

Give your product data a quality boost. Never lose track of product versions, descriptions or images ever again.