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pirobase CMS Modul

Features that inspire authors


Integrated analytics: key figures that go along with content

pirobase CMS integrates the most important key figures from web analytics and displays it within the content. Without additional login or use of a tracking tool, authors can immediately see how successfully their content performs within the audience. This way, pirobase makes web analytics an obvious part of editorial work.

Focus on UX: user-friendly interfaces for everyone

The "editorial office" of pirobase CMS can be operated intuitively. And this applies ­equally to all user types­: ­occasional users­, power users & administrators. New users get along quickly thanks to an intuitive user experience. All the ­tools are at your ­fingertips ­in the pirobase CMS authoring tool. ­This keeps expenditures for training low and increases the focus on editorial ­work.
Enterprise CMS

Enterprise-level CMS: made for large organisations

pirobase is an Enterprise CMS: We know exactly what large ­organisations ­need to mange their content professionally and offer all the ­prerequisites for use in a corporate environment. This includes a highly scalable ­architecture, a high-quality security concept ­and multi-client capability ­for complex workflows ­and team structures­.
Preview Editing

Working directly in the live preview: with Preview Editing

With pirobase CMS, authors can always keep an eye on the results of their work. The live preview, which is integrated in the editorial office, shows how the content will be displayed on the website. With preview editing, authors can even edit elements directly in the live preview of a page. The simulator also tests the output on different screen sizes­.

Everything in one place: with the library

In pirobase CMS, you don't have to search for templates, documents and images. You can find them all in one place: in the library. It also provides access to content from third-party systems­. By mouse-over, pirobase CMS displays additional information on file size­, date of modification ­or zoom views of ­image files. The perfect guarantee wo always find the right content for creating your ­websites.
Farbiges Leitsystem

Clear signs: the coloured guidance system

The overviews in pirobase CMS show at a glance, which content type an object belongs to. Our guidance system marks the different content formats with their own colours and symbols. This allows you to immediately identify and use text templates, images or multimedia files.

The central content control point: the (extended) page tree

The page tree ­is the ­map for your content work and occupies a prominent place in the editorial office. Copy, move and sort pages simply by drag and drop. Unfold the page tree ­and you will see additional metadata ­for all pages. You can select pages via filters, save the filters and execute batch operations on this selection later.

Reporting made easy: with the overview

The overview is the central editorial plan ­in pirobase CMS. It gives ­editors an overview of ­all processes in the editorial department. Content is ­displayed­ in columns­: recently ­published pages, ­pages ­in workflow­, ­pages planned ­for ­publication, etc. Each editor can ­change ­his or her ­overview, for example, ­set ­notifications ­or ­use ­filters from the extended page tree.­ This also makes the overview a powerful reporting tool for your content work.

DeepL: natural translations with Artificial Intelligence

Translate content with Artificial Intelligence: The connection to DeepL enables linguistically correct translations into various other languages, fully automated at the click of a button. Pages, templates and elements can be translated directly within the editorial office. Benefit from the best machine translation tool in the world!

Stay available with URL management

Our URL management supports you with managing your URLs. Whether renaming, moving or deleting URLs: automatic redirects ensure that your content remains accessible via previous URLs. A user-friendly administration interface allows you to manage and create redirects and manage error pages.