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Always at your side – pirobase imperia experts

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We offer customized solutions instead of off-the-peg software

As a software manufacturer, our work doesn’t end with the code: we develop solutions to support your business processes and workflows in the best possible way. For us, practical application in your company is a key element in our efforts towards ensuring your success.
Thanks to experience from hundreds of projects, our experts can implement your individual project requirements quickly and to a high standard. We can advise and support your company on all aspects of our software solutions – worldwide.

Full Service

  • From consulting to software operation

  • Short decision paths

  • Rapid coordination processes

You’re in the midst of things

  • Focus on your requirements

  • Transparent project progress

  • Flexibility due to agile project methods

Experienced professionals

  • A reliable partner for over 20 years

  • Experience from hundreds of projects

  • Benefit from the manufacturer’s know-how

A clear understanding is imperative for successful implementation and productive use in practice: our consultants can help you to identify all technical and organisational requirements, thereby guaranteeing smooth implementation of your solution.


We want to know exactly what you require! This is why we offer customised requirement workshops. Together with you we work to identify your needs and advise you on architecture, administration, features and workflows.
Our software implementation concept takes into account not only technical aspects, but also the special requirements of your organisation, your business processes and your corporate culture. Our effective way of working and our holistic approach create a fully integrated solution at the highest technical level.
The pirobase imperia service team assists you throughout the entire project, providing technical competence and expert advice. We concentrate on the steps critical to your requirements so that we can keep the project manageable and cost-efficient.


We know our software, and our customers as well. The experts at pirobase imperia use all their know-how and many years of experience to implement your project smoothly.
We work transparently: we’ll plan your project in manageable sections and phases – and implement it accordingly. We’ll make sure you can always see how your project is progressing. We guarantee you planning security and cost transparency and will bring you in on time and on budget.
Whether you choose a waterfall approach or an agile approach such as Scrum: we’re guided by your wishes when choosing project methods, and we work in close coordination with you.
We distinguish the following project types:
Von pirobase imperia selbst durchgeführt

implemented by pirobase imperia itself
Vom Kunden durchgeführt und von pirobase imperia begleitet

implemented by the customer and supported by pirobase imperia
Von Partnern durchgeführt und von pirobase imperia begleitet

implemented by partners and supported by pirobase imperia

Support and assistance

Our competent and friendly customer service team is available to respond to any questions, requests and problems you may have. We offer different service levels with defined response times.

Hosting and operation

If you wish, we can also operate your solution for you, leaving you free to concentrate on productive use, and we’ll ensure the application is operated securely, reliably and efficiently. Decide for yourself whether you want to use in-house IT infrastructure or infrastructure in the cloud or from our IT systems company.
We monitor and control application operation using defined, mutually agreed metrics. This way, you maintain focus on the performance level and security of your business-critical system environment at all times.

Training courses

As a customer, you’ll benefit from our compact and effective training programme. We provide quick, clear training to prepare your employees for their day-to-day work with pirobase or imperia.
Our trainers have many years of experience and offer seminars from beginner to expert level. This allows you and your teams to start using our solutions productively within a short time.

You would like to learn more about our services?

You can contact us at any time. We’d be happy to present our products to you in a web session or help you to overcome your challenges.