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pirobase CMS

What users love about pirobase CMS

Preview Editing

The intelligent authoring tool

  • Specially developed for the needs of authors

  • Focus on content through clear separation of content and layout

  • Use Drag & Drop – everywhere!


User-friendly interfaces for all

  • Benefit from the outstanding pirobase CMS user experience

  • pirobase CMS helps you to concentrate on your job instead of system operation

  • Easy to use while maintaining full control over your content

Enterprise Software

Enterprise-level CMS 

  • Combine the convenience of a modern editorial system with the opportunities offered by an established enterprise CMS

  • Rely on security thanks to an effective rights system

  • pirobase CMS grows with your requirements


How we make a difference


Close to the user 

With pirobase CMS, we’ve decided to develop software close to the user. Regular user studies mean we know what our pirobase CMS users prefer and require. That is why we know exactly what you need when working with digital content.

Simple operation, full control 

pirobase CMS offers the convenience of a modern editorial system along with the possibilities of a mature enterprise CMS. You can always maintain full control over your content via easy operation. This allows you to design your editorial processes clearly and efficiently. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean you have fewer options.

Dynamic and flexible

pirobase CMS grows with your needs. More traffic, new technologies or tools? pirobase CMS adapts to any challenge thanks to open interfaces and cluster-capable components.

Service directly from the manufacturer

Benefit from manufacturer know-how. Not only do we offer the software, but also the service. Individual adaptations, new features or day-to-day support – our service department works closely with developers to make pirobase the perfect tool for you.

Boundless architecture

Google Analytics
Apache Tomcat

pirobase CMS makes integration easy

Through open interfaces, external tools can be integrated very easily into pirobase CMS. Use pirobase CMS as a powerful editing tool and still manage using the tools you’re used to. This can be one of our partner tools or your own too - it really doesn’t matter.

Technologies that inspire developers

In order to ensure that pirobase CMS can run independently of the platform, we use the best programming language for this purpose: Java. pirobase CMS runs regardless of whether your developers, editors or administrators work with Windows, Linux or Macintosh. pirobase CMS also uses state-of-the-art technologies such as Elasticsearch and Microsoft Azure so that you always have the best tool available.

Use the pirobase CMS module in combination with the pirobase PIM module

pirobase maps the core processes and tools for Product Experience Management (PXM) in one program package. pirobase combines the pirobase CMS module with the pirobase PIM module.
Marketing and store teams as well as product and catalog managers work with the same software suite. In this way, pirobase organizes all data, ressources and forces for a holistic product experience.

You are interested in our pirobase CMS?

Please contact us! We are happy to answer your questions, send you further information or arrange a websession for you.