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Features that inspire authors

Content Management with pirobase CMS

Works the way you work
The pirobase CMS authoring tool, the editorial system, is designed especially for authors. The editorial system is designed to eliminate all distractions so that authors can focus on content work.
Separation of content and layout
pirobase CMS separates content and layout. Instead of redesigning each page from the start, editors create pages from modules and predefined templates. This speeds up the creation process of new pages and maintains the corporate design principles.
Drag & Drop everywhere
Existing pages can also be converted with a few simple steps. Use Drag & Drop to arrange all content intuitively and quickly. Simply use the mouse to drag images and videos from the desktop to the editorial system.
Author search wherever you need it
We’ve integrated the search function for authors directly into the editorial system. This enables you to find all desired images and document and content templates quickly for use on your website.

Integrated analytics: key figures that go along with content

pirobase CMS always provides you with the most important analytical data for your website: right next to your content.

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Analytics for editors
Easy to measure audience reactions are one of the major advantages of digital communication. And yet, web analytics still leads a shadowy existence in many communication departments. But analytics isn’t just important for experts! pirobase CMS is intuitive, making web analytics a day-to-day tool for editors.
And always with an eye on metrics
The analytics view show the most important metrics for each page directly in the authoring tool, such as the number of visitors and page views, the time spent on the page and the bounce rate. Each editor can change the period in which key figures are displayed. The global metrics provide an overview of the performance status for your entire website.
React more quickly
Integration of metrics into the authoring tool creates transparency and helps editors to respond more quickly to visitors' behaviour and constantly optimize content.
The tracking tool of your choice
We link the tracking tool of your choice via the open pirobase CMS interface. pirobase continuously synchronises the measurement data of your solution so that the analytics view in the authoring tool is always up to date.
We know our users
pirobase CMS supports editorial work with excellent user experience (UX): user studies mean we know what our pirobase CMS users prefer and require. We know exactly what you need when working with digital content. From managing entire page trees to creating individual pages – we’ve optimised pirobase CMS for intuitive work.
Focus on content, not on operation
pirobase CMS combines the core tasks of creation, document management and output in a single tool, the editorial system. Clear interfaces with convenient click paths mean that your workflow isn’t interrupted by external editors or unnecessary dialogs. You can do everything in a single window and always view your changes.
Simple operation, full control
pirobase CMS offers you the convenience of a modern editorial system along with the possibilities of a mature enterprise CMS. You can always maintain full control over your content via easy operation. This allows you to design your editorial processes clearly and efficiently. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean you have fewer options.

Additional functions and connectors: with our add-ons

Add-ons allow pirobase CMS to grow with your requirements.

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Add-ons for enterprise functions
The pirobase CMS is a mature enterprise CMS and thus can be extended. These add-ons can be installed, updated and set up quickly and easily via the usual channels such as the setup tool. This ensures structured processes that administrators are already familiar with.
Everything from a single source
All add-ons are developed, provided and maintained by our experts. This means you can be sure all pirobase CMS components are linked to one another. You benefit from a reliable product and more efficient communication.
Support and maintenance included
Add-ons are a pirobase CMS product component and are already included in support and maintenance.
Enterprise CMS

Enterprise-level CMS: made for large organisations

The pirobase CMS software design optimally supports communication within large organisations and corporations.
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CMS grows with your audience
All pirobase CMS components are cluster-capable, which means they can be operated via a computer network if required. Your CMS grows almost linearly with the number of users. This helps to reduce both your fixed and variable infrastructure costs while also enabling you to use your resources efficiently.
Enterprise-level security
The pirobase CMS rights system maps the organisational and team structures of large organisations in a distinguished manner. Role and user-based access rights ensure security and transparent areas of responsibility.
Different clients for strict data separation
pirobase CMS has multi-client capability and allows for strict separation of content and users and thus for the simultaneous use of the system by any number of clients. Increase data security and achieve a higher level of control.
Workflows for better content quality
Quality needs a systematic approach. And good content needs fixed editorial processes. Leave nothing to chance in terms of quality, and enhance your competitiveness via professional editorial processes. You can define workflows variably in pirobase CMS so that all content is checked before publication, for example.
Adaptable to suit your needs
pirobase CMS can be adapted and extended according to your own individual requirements. This openness is part of the design of user interfaces and programming interfaces. Benefit from the freedom to adapt pirobase CMS to your business model.
What you see is what you get
In pirobase CMS, authors can work directly in the live preview of a page: click to access the text, then just start writing. Preview editing is perfect, particularly for less experienced authors and for minor changes such as correcting the length of a headline, a row of images or a marker. It’s an easy way to check your results.
pirobase even supports Drag & Drop in the live preview: simply drag new content such as images and videos to the preferred location on the page – done! This makes content management fun.
Aesthetics is a crucial design feature in omnichannel marketing. The design conveys and embodies your brand. pirobase CMS supports you in maintaining and preserving this intangible corporate value. The pirobase CMS Smart View concept allows you to control all design specifications in a central location in your CMS.
To do this, you store all design decisions in the Smart View in any number of layouts. Layouts can be valid for individual clients, as well as for all clients. Each layout includes views as page templates and slots as templates for content modules within a page. The modular structure provides the necessary flexibility for all scenarios in the corporate environment.
The intelligent Smart View architecture inspires developers again and again. Projects succeed quicker and costs can be saved thanks to straightforward implementation (with Groovy and Velocity).
Release of content is flexible with pirobase Smart View – no limits set. Benefit from the dynamics offered by pirobase CMS and create an experience that will excite your visitors – and increase your sales.