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Make your product data the centre of attention.

Product experience management with pirobase

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It’s time to get your product communication going with pirobase

Compelling product experience across all channels

  • Maintain full control over your product data across all channels

  • Use valid product data supported by emotive marketing content for successful product campaign

Taking teamwork to the next level

  • Benefit from simple user guidance

  • Put an end to software silos

  • Relieve the strain on your staff by using workflows which avoid system discontinuities and media disruptions

Shorter time to market and fewer returns 

  • Add impact and pace to your product communication

  • Rely on consistent, quality-checked, automated data distribution to all channels

  • Achieve more relevance and precision for fewer returns and more sales outcome


The new customer journey

Customers nowadays expect an impressive and convenient shopping experience across all channels and touch points. And, most importantly, 90% of them seek relevant product information before buying.

With pirobase, companies control and process product data and marketing content using a single tool. Overcome the complexity of modern omnichannel marketing via integrated product experience management (PXM).

How has the customer journey changed?

Digital technology has fundamentally changed the buying process and the customer journey. These days, customers have usually made a purchase decision before they have actually contacted a supplier. Meanwhile they have researched all the relevant information, customer reviews, stories and product details on the channels of their choice. The growing number of channels and the autonomy of individual search paths have become a problem for product providers. Studies show that no two customer journeys are the same.

How do you design holistic product experiences?

Maintaining control over the creative value chain is essential if you want to stage your product experience to its best advantage.

Experts like Simon Walker, analyst and master data specialist at Gartner, recommend that vendors merge their workflows in order to maintain product data and create and distribute marketing content. This is the only way a shopping and product experience can be designed as a whole and tailored to each individual customer journey. Walker and others call this new approach product experience management (PXM).

What is product experience management (PXM)?

Within customer experience management as a whole, product experience management (PXM) comprises methods and technologies for staging product communication as an individual experience. To do this, PXM collects, checks, refines and assembles relevant product information. This is simultaneously personalised on the basis of customer, user and marketing data, before being distributed across all customer-preferred channels and platforms. PXM solutions organise this whole management process. And, thanks to advanced analysis tools they also help decide what product experience and channel mix will best meet customer expectations.

pirobase allows you to retain full control over your product data, channels and content.

pirobase maps the core processes and tools for product experience management in one package. In essence, pirobase integrates tools for product information management (PIM) into a content management system (CMS).

All involved, marketing and shop teams, as well as product and catalogue managers, work with the same software suite. This allows pirobase to organise all data, resources and efforts to deliver a holistic product experience.
pirobase PIM Modul

The pirobase PIM module as a single point of truth for product data

As a single point of truth, the pirobase PIM module provides a template for all product information. The module supplies marketing, shop management and product management with current, complete and consistent product data.
pirobase CMS Modul

The pirobase CMS module ensures emotive, effective content

It takes context and creativity to turn high-quality product data into relevant product information. This is where the pirobase CMS module comes into play. Editors and designers stage the product data in pirobase CMS and release it on all channels.
Digital Asset Management

Integration of digital asset management for multimedia data

Providers can integrate a digital asset management (DAM) solution into pirobase, which is designed specifically for managing extensive multimedia data. An interface for Pixelboxx DAM is already integrated by default.
Translation Management System

Translation management systems for checked output into any language

Additional output languages multiply the amount of effort required to create and manage product information. You can connect a translation management system (TMS), which handles the translation of information, controls the translation process and delivers the required language versions back to pirobase.

What our customers love about PXM with pirobase

Compelling customer experience on all channels

When integrating PIM and CMS, manufacturers and retailers retain full control of their entire product communication, even in omnichannel environments. Integrated tools mean you can combine valid product data and emotive marketing content for effective product campaigns.

Usability and effective collaboration

Digital tools are designed to reduce routine tasks and bureaucracy so as to ensure the smoothest and best creative process. pirobase’s simple user guidance provides a common platform for collaboration between marketing, shop teams, catalogue management and product management. It puts an end to software silos and eliminates those manual work steps staff in the various departments have to undertake due to media disruptions and system discontinuities.

Shorter time to market

With pirobase, providers can obtain a more powerful product communication. You can maintain an overview and can market products more quickly, even when dealing with extensive portfolios and complex omnichannel campaigns. The central, quality-checked and automated distribution of data to the various output channels, such as shopping platforms, shortens time to market, giving companies a crucial competitive edge.

Fewer returns, higher turnover

Relevance and precision are key to maintaining a consistent and appealing presence in omnichannel markets. With pirobase’s comprehensive PXM approach, providers can eliminate outdated product information, media disruptions and contradictory messages. This allows you to meet buyer expectations, reduce returns and increase conversions to the touch points.

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